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Birthday Orgasms Introduction:

Upon skimming my book notes for my next blog post I noticed a little glimmer from some of my many birthday adventures.  I’ve taken the term “Birthday Sex” to many levels throughout the years. From surprise visits and lots of cake to 24 hour marathons. Take a stroll down memory lane with me on a few of my birthday orgasms!  

God Bless our Troops! Military dick is a whole category of Best Orgasms in my internal filing cabinet. This young Air Force member was …Dare I say the body of a mythical Greek God and knew how to hit all of the right spots in every crease of my body. A tasty treat for the eyes & full of young military fueled testosterone. 

We of course met online and had been sexting for a few weeks. Planning for a time/place to actually meet up in real life. The kicker was that he was stationed kinda far from me so there was a significant distance issue. My birthday landed on a Saturday and I opt’d to work the day shift at a tourist trap bar on Bourbon Street so I could acquire tips that day to use to celebrate later that evening. In New Orleans, birthday’s are highly celebrated via pinning cold hard cash to the birthday person! Anyways, So it’s Friday night and I’m on my way home from work when I get a message from AF lover that he’s on his way down (driving over 6 hours) to celebrate my birthday with me!  Oh my! What a treat that this scrumptious ass man is driving that far to be my birthday present!

Initially meeting him I was a bit intimidated.  He was beautiful, polite, spontaneous and determined. His graceful yet firm grip as he picked me up to kiss me ignited some primal desire within me.  This birthday eve was among the first times I’d experienced such deep orgasms resulting in me leaving a massive & beloved wet spot.  He made tears of joy fall from my eyes while we worked on taming my “ lil' dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat”.  I’ll even go to say I’d rank his massive cock a perfect 10. Not only for size and girth, but for cleanliness, taste and most importantly the knowledge of how to safely use it. We ended up spending the entire evening sharing countless orgasms and more in the morning between naps. His leave wasn’t very long so he had to return back to base and offered to take me to work. He dropped me off with the brightest glowing aura on my birthday I’d had in quite some time. A birthday glow that lasted days. So many endorphins …seaux many. 

AF Lover and I had a couple more amazing rendezvous over a few years before he was stationed on the other side of the world.  We still remain in contac and have even discussed him being a chapter in my book that I contemplated publishing someday. (Surprise! It's here in blog form now!) I’m honored to watch him evolve into the man he is today, living the life he’s dreamed of. Rooting for him to always have a full cup and belly aches from laughter.

Mr. Air Force, thanks for being my birthday present that year. XOXO

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