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Sometime in the last 6 months (covid has completely jacked my sense of time) I purchased a pink prom dress at a thrift store for $12 with the intent on doing a photo shoot with it in an inflatable pool. The theme was going to be Hot Mess Express. Fast forward to November 2021. I woke early for a day date in the park only to figure out that I had been ghosted via the lame dating app I had met this person on. So, of course I go to an instant dopamine boost and open social media. The first post I read is that one of my favorite photographers had a cancelation today. Ok universe, I'll bite. I reached out to G. Mark Lewis to ask if he wanted to share space together since both of our plans were canceled. When life gives you lemons, make some fucking art with it! Go find/follow G. Mark Lewis on IG, Facebook, and FetLife!

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