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A Motorcycle, City Park & An Oak Tree. *Bullet points of a bucket list adventure

Photo by Todd White Mississippi River bank, New Orleans, LA.

He made a request… one I had zero objections for. The request…To ride his Harley to City Park in NOLA, find a suitable oak tree & fuck under it.

What kind of hoe would I be to turn that down? Here’s some backstory for ya… one of my physical turn ons is the sound of a motorcycle, and I can never get enough outdoor sex! Seaux! To fuck after a motorcycle ride in one of my favorite places on earth… under an oak tree?! Sign me the fuck up!

We set a date, and that day arrived. He came over to my house just before sunset. Draped with a skin tight black summer dress, knee high combat boots, and no panties I straddled his Harley. Straddled with the specific intent to leave a wet spot through the backside of my dress and onto his seat afterwards. Secured my helmet, dug my claws into his ribs and off we went.

We joy rode through all of city park while watching the sunset. . . Scoping out the perfect tri-centennial Oak.

As the sun retreats and the chill of this southern fall evening crept in… we arrive at the one. The Oak tree that was going to host our debauchery.

He parks the Harley. As the vibration of the engine ends I begin to dismount my sex chariot. A drip of my juice rolls down the inside of my leg down inside my boot as he watches with a noble grin.

He grabs me under my arms and gently sits me onto his motorcycle. His right hand firmly grips my neck to position my head for him to nibble my ear lobe.

His left hand has already slid inside my dress and up to my drenched pussy. Dips three of his fingers inside me, then up to my mouth for me to suck my delicious wetness off of them.

We laid out a blanket I brought along with us beside his Harley . . . And on my knees I went pleasure. He had already begun unbuckling his belt and pants for me like a good boy. With my bare ass facing his motorcycle I began licking every inch of his cock. Then back down to suck on each of his balls… one by one. Then back up to caress the tip of his dick with my tongue and the back of my throat.

He can’t take it anymore. He grabs me under my arms once again… scoops me up, turns me around, bends me over his Harley and smacks my swollen, dripping pussy. And now his throbbing cock is sliding slowly inside me. Fills his hand with a massive collection of my hair, twirls it and guides my body back and forth on his thick cock.

The creampie was accompanied by one of the deepest orgasms I’ve ever felt. The setting, the passion, the non-verbal connection… produced an epic explosion of all of the happy chemicals possible in the human body simultaneously.

Not a word was spoken as we folded the blanket up and secured our helmets.

We took the scenic route along Lake Pontchartrain and back down to my rental in Mid City where I convinced him to spend the night for more cream pies.

To be continued…

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