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Misfit Strippers

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

This pandemic honestly gave me so much life in so many ways. Literally week after week the universe gifted me a new way to make art with seaux many creative souls. A dear friend of mine decided to produce an online burlesque show called the Misfit Strippers. Now, yes I have done theatre. Yes, I do technically act via my day job as a phone sex operator. *gasp! (yes, I do that too.) But no, I've never stripped or done burlesque. At least never before for an audience. So the opportunity to try this form of art was intriguing and terrifying at the same time. I managed to come up with a routine, gather a couple of my favorite artists Todd White and Josh Burns, booked an epic space above an actual burlesque theatre... and there we made magic happen. Head over to my NiteFlirt via the Links tab above for my burlesque debut video!

Nobody likes a clown at midnight. - Stephen King

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