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Selfie Sunday

As much as I love social media I'd like to bring some of my routine over here to my site. Here's to beginning Selfie Sunday's for y'all.

I'd waited probably 7 years to see Scott Bradley's Post Modern Jukebox live in concert and the day finally arrived. Each time they'd visit my home city of New Orleans I was preoccupied with managing a night club instead. Working in the service industry has its advantages but one of its disadvantages is always working on weekend nights, thus missing all of the fun events. Now that I'm no longer a night club manager, I get to enjoy all of those events I've missed.

A few months ago, while dating a particular Colorado man, I came across tickets for this show and decided to purchase two in hopes to make it a date night for him and I. He'd agreed to mark his calendar and I began to become excited for the rendezvous. Fast forward to a couple of weeks before the show, he ended our relationship and my quest to find a new +1 began. I first reached out to three sudo friends I've made here and they each had their valid reasons not to be my +1. Seaux.... If you've not gathered yet, I'm kinda addicted to dating. I love meeting new people and making memories with them. So, what better way to use my tickets than to ask a new potential suitor to be my date to this event! He accepted my invite and arrived dressed as dapper as a gentleman could be! The band played every song I'd hoped for and we shared a joint afterwards on the streets of downtown. 10/10 successful rendezvous.

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