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The Elusive Prince Charming #13

It was 2015, a blistering June afternoon on Bourbon Street. The rumble of his motorcycle caught my attention quickly. As I watched him park his bike in front of the bar I was working in, I became overwhelmed with lust. My panties were instantly wet. This handsome Prince Charming had stopped in for a frosty green beverage merely because he noticed me standing in the doorway. We chatted for quite a while on that humid afternoon. In fact, we talked for so long that I was fired for giving this lone customer too much attention. The situation was priceless. The bar owners sent an employee to ask Prince Charming, a paying customer, to leave their establishment and fire me at the same time. For the first time in my life I'd been fired for giving too much good customer service. But it was beyond worth it. I peeled off my work shirt revealing my bikini top underneath, left the shirt on the bar and rode off with Prince Charming on the back of his motorcycle. Of course I took him to my love den in mid city to bask in our lust together for the rest of the afternoon. He was my first “strange” encounter in Nola and by far my most memorable and favorite one. In fact he was my “first” for quite a few life experiences such as my first motorcycle ride in New Orleans. This photo was from the back of his memorable motorcycle on NYE that year. I still get a lil giddy when he sends me his typical flirting message . . . “What you wearing?”.

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