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Green Goddess

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

While nurturing my own creative side in New Orleans, I was gifted the opportunity to work with a couple of amazing artists. Josh Hailey (everywhere) and Joannie (@artinflesh - Instagram). Years ago when I set out to start my modeling adventure, I came across Josh Haliey's work on Instagram and instantly put him at the top of my list of artists I wanted to work with. Fast forward a few years to the middle of a global pandemic and the opportunity to create art with Josh arrose. He was doing a series with ... glitter and body paint! While finalizing details of my time slot he mentioned that this amazing body painter would be accompanying us in this adventure. Nola is the smallest big city in the south. Joannie and I had met a few years prior. She had responded to an ad I had for a roommate. It had been years since we were given the opportunity to see each other and now she was going to be painting my naked body! So here we are with what I call the Green Goddess collection. If you enjoy this photo and want to see more, please head over to my NiteFlirt page via the links tab above for the full set. You won't be disappointed.

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