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The Pedicab Driver

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

So that one time that I fucked a pedicab driver in my car...

We had met on a dating app. He was a dark-haired dark skin local Nola guy.

I'd gone to his house a couple times before … fucked him in his living room, in his bed and his roommates bed.

But this time I was at a rave and my car was parked across the street underneath the interstate.

He drove his pedicab bike to the venue and met me inside. Bought me a couple of shots, and then we decided to get it on inside my car… parked under the Claiborne overpass.

It was dark but apparently not dark enough. Of course my judgment was certainly skewed from the alcohol but I didn’t care if anyone could see. As my mouth made its way down the shaft of his Dick his eyes rolled back. He was hooked. We fucked and rocked my Kiwi for about 20 minutes. It was such a thrilling event to ride his Dick in my back seat while my friends raved on inside the venue across the street. Midway into this rendezvous he maneuvered me into doggy style all while holding my hair. The windows fogged up and hand prints appeared. Once I acquired my own creampie, our adventure came to an end.

We adjusted our clothes to attempt to appear as nothing happened as we walked back to the venue. . .

He gave me a righteous smack to my ass while his juices flowed down my leg and peddled his cab back to the French quarter.

This amazing lover eventually moved to Puerto Rico and still stays in touch every once in a while.

He’s definitely one of my favorite creampie memories.

Photo by Josh Vine

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